Bright times ahead: 9 US volunteers open 2023 construction season in Jucu

Today, a US-based volunteer team led by Donna Brigthman began a week of volunteering in the village of Jucu de Sus, on the worksite we co-manage with local NGO PRIMA DATÄ‚ ACASÄ‚. Most of the from the New Jersey area, volunteers will help two families build their first decent home.

Our newest Global Builders will work on roofing for D11 (duplex no 11) in the Britta Sofia social housing community. This is the most challenging part: plywood panels have to be carried up to the roof, and nailed in position. Special safety harnesses are used to make sure that what goes up on the roof, stays on the roof!

Volunteers will mount measure, cut and install side plywood panels that make up exterior walls, dig trenches for laying of pipe, and many other small operations that go into building a house.

The Global Builders group includes 9 volunteers; three of them are themselves experiences team leaders, helping others to travel and help around the world, but all are dedicated to our mission of putting faith into action and proving God’s love for people through their own effort.

It’s not all work, though: this Global Builders trip began on a Sunday, so the group took time to discover the city of Cluj and take a leisurely walk through the huge Botanical Gardens, where thousands of tulips are now in full bloom.

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  1. A good week and accomplished all the projects set out for us. As we head home to USA, we carry warm memories of our time on the worksite and the always helpful Fuller Cluj team.


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