See a house being framed in 8 days

The Fuller Center for Housing’s first ever build in Romania took place in Cluj, with volunteers from the UK and US helping two families build their first ever decent home in Jucu de Sus, a village in Transylvania. As part of the Global Builders program, a team of ten volunteers led by Peter Sexton worked … Read more

Peter Sexton’s team crosses finish line!

Today was the last day of work in Jucu de Sus for the team of 10 volunteers from the US and UK, led by Peter Sexton, and the team made the most of the available time. Working on the ground or up on scaffolding, volunteers framed the walls and installed joists, as well as outside … Read more

High school students from Cluj meet international volunteers in Jucu

A group of students of the “Anghel Saligny” Technical College in Cluj-Napoca have today visited the Jucu site where the Fuller Center for Housing is building two homes for low-income, deserving families. During a different type of school trip, students aged 14 to 16 had the opportunity to see how a construction site looks like … Read more

Frames become walls, as volunteers finish first week of build

Raising a wall sounds like putting an obstacle in someone’s path. In our case, it’s removing an obstacle – and bringing a vulnerable family closer to its first real family home. Volunteers in the Global Builders team led by Peter Sexton have completely installed the exterior OSB that cover the frame of the walls they … Read more

Two more homes take shape in Jucu de Sus thanks to Global Builders

Only three days have passed since the arrival of the Fuller Center Cluj’s first team of Global Builders, and the walls for two future homes have already been raised and mounted into position. It’s a complicated process, that requires everything to align perfectly, so volunteers need to work as a team and pay attention to … Read more

First Global Builders event starts in Cluj

Walls are being raised for two new simple & affordable homes in Jucu de Sus, where today a team of 10 volunteers from the US and UK began their service in favor in low-income families from Cluj. Led by Peter Sexton, an experienced leader with several previous trips to Cluj, volunteers come from both the … Read more

New Fuller Center for Housing officially born in Cluj, Romania

A new Covenant Partner of the international Fuller Center for Housing ministry has been officially established today in Cluj, Romania, after a court approved the incorporation of the new non-profit. The new NGO is led by a Board of Directors, whose president, Răzvan Cinar-Jiga, has been a volunteer with the decent housing program in Cluj … Read more

We are once again joining Millard Fullard’s ministry from Cluj, Romania!

Fuller Center for Housing representatives at the international headquarters in Americus, Georgia, today signed the documents making The Fuller Center for Housing of Cluj, Romania the affordable housing ministry’s newest Covenant Partner. Fuller Center President David Snell said the team in Cluj have for decades been acquainted with Millard Fuller’s work in favor of low-income families … Read more