From Global Builders in Cluj to those accross the world: happy 4th of July!

A team led by Cole Chatterton and Lesylee Hodge is hard at work on the Fuller Center Romania’s build site in Jucu de Sus, Cluj County – and we took a few moments to celebrate the 4th of July together.

This week, the 13 volunteers had to do some of the hardest jobs possible on a construction site. Due to heavy rains in the area of the build site, which led to instability of the ground where the next house is planned, the team had to dig long trenches that would allow water to drain, as well as to uncover pipes that were broken when the soil shifted, to allow repair & replacement.

This heavy work was only made heavier – literally – by the muddy soil, still not completely dry after days and days of rains and thunderstorms.

Volunteers also worked inside duplex 11, putting up dry wall on the wall frames, as well as getting a head start of plastering work needed before finishing the walls themselves.

All this work is not without recompense: the two duplexes that the team worked on will be “home” to four families, who now live in sub-standard housing, overcrowding or unstable situations. The team also got to relax, with a much appreciated guided tour of the historic center provided by Cluj Guided Tours, also a non-profit, tastings of Romania’s best gastronomy, and a day visit to the Turda Salt Mine, a centuries-old mining facility now turned into a gallery and underground amusement fair.

The work goes on. Just the next day after Cole and Lesylee’s team finish their mission, a local team is set to come and help – and before long, we say “Welcome” to yet another Global Builders team, set to start work on July 17th.

2 thoughts on “From Global Builders in Cluj to those accross the world: happy 4th of July!”

  1. Everyone on our team was a hard worker, worked great together, and so much fun to be around. Thank you to Lesylee and Cole, Andrei, Horia, and Vio, and our entire crew.

  2. It’s great to see all these teams going to Cluj now that there is a Fuller Center connection.
    Cluj is a wonderful city and the Fuller Center effort is making a positive impact on the community.


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