We are once again joining Millard Fullard’s ministry from Cluj, Romania!

Fuller Center for Housing representatives at the international headquarters in Americus, Georgia, today signed the documents making The Fuller Center for Housing of Cluj, Romania the affordable housing ministry’s newest Covenant Partner.

Fuller Center President David Snell said the team in Cluj have for decades been acquainted with Millard Fuller’s work in favor of low-income families in need, as Millard and his wife Linda had visited Cluj in 2003, when the organization was still affiliated with Habitat for Humanity.

“This is just another step in a long relationship that Cluj has had with Millard’s ministries. Our history is a long one. … And I think we have a very bright future.”

David Snell, Fuller Center President

The new NGO will work from its office in Cluj, Transylvania, but construction work will focus in Jucu de Sus village, in a partnership with local NGO “PRIMA DATĂ ACASĂ”. The multi-lot project to be jointly designed and built by the two organizations will include dozens of simple & affordable homes, as well as a community garden, orchard and a playground for children.

“I’m very grateful once again to be part of a team that is motivated both by the mission and also by something that’s a big belief of mine — that what we do for others is what we do for ourselves. For me, I think the key word for today is gratitude — and I think the key word for tomorrow is work”

Andrei Aroneț, Executive Director & Founding Member
Covenant Signing – August 11th, 2022

If you are interested in learning more about our work in Romania or are interested in a Global Builders trip to this new international volunteer destination, visit FullerCenter.org/Romania for more information.

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