Now in Jucu: summer and team Summers

Trenching, weeding and insulating a home are very different tasks, yet the 11-strong team led by Staci Summers did a fantastic job during their week of service in Jucu.

The future home of the Bica and Rus families, duplex no 9, needed some external drainage set up, which meant digging in the hard soil to later lay pipe and support structures. Next door, in duplex no 11, a place that two more families will soon call “home”, the team worked hard on placing insulation in the wall frames. A thick layer of rock wall was installed on all inside walls: this will ensure stable temperatures, a smaller heating bill and more comfort for future homeowners.

Cluj is a perfect city for Global Builders as around town there’s plenty to see (and taste!), so the whole team enjoyed a walking tour of the attractions in the historic center, and a visit to the city’s famous Botanical Gardens, resplendent at the beginning of summer.

Team leader Staci Summers had another reason to celebrate this week: her birthday! We couldn’t wait for the evening to celebrate, so a birthday cake magically appeared on the build side after lunch.

By the end of the week, duplexes 9 and 11 are both closer to that special moment when “house” becomes “home”. Future homeowners will have electricity, running water from the public network & gas heating. However, some more time will pass before they actually move in – thought it’s well worth the wait. For the first time in Jucu de Sus, the homes will also be connected to a centralised sewerage system, due to an investment of the City Hall and the water supplier, which is due to be finished in the following months.

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