Peter Sexton’s team crosses finish line!

Today was the last day of work in Jucu de Sus for the team of 10 volunteers from the US and UK, led by Peter Sexton, and the team made the most of the available time.

Working on the ground or up on scaffolding, volunteers framed the walls and installed joists, as well as outside paneling using OSB, in order to fix walls into a secure position. Volunteers were joined today by Board of Directors member Filip-George Cosma, as well as representative of future partner families.

After lunch, the group visited the Bertalan family, which has already moved into a similar house in Jucu, to see how a lived-in house looks and feels. “It looks bigger with furniture inside”, one of our volunteers remarked, “you can feel there’s spirit, soul, to this house”. Several volunteers now returning to Jucu had previously helped build the Bertalan home, in their previous trip to Romania.

The last act on the worksite was an autograph. Each volunteer signed their name on the walls of the home they’ve helped build, and the team added the words “Thank you, forever” – because the effort Peter Sexton’s team put in resulted in a house that will last not just years or decades, but generations. Next year, a family will move in, their children will grow up inside these walls, and their children after them.

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