Two more homes take shape in Jucu de Sus thanks to Global Builders

Only three days have passed since the arrival of the Fuller Center Cluj’s first team of Global Builders, and the walls for two future homes have already been raised and mounted into position.

It’s a complicated process, that requires everything to align perfectly, so volunteers need to work as a team and pay attention to every detail, all while adhering to strict health & safety rules.

Walls are being mounted on a sole already fixed in carefully measured positions in advance, and fixed on all sides. The structure is then made more rigid with dense oriented strand boards (OSB), which have the added advantage of providing good sound insulation when the building becomes a home. Strengtheners such as cripples, studs and let-in braces are added for even more support.

This all means that volunteers had to carry and raise the walls, cut boards and studs to precise sizes and assemble everything respecting every details in the house plans.

The quick pace of progress is made possible by the experience many team members have acquired volunteering with the Fuller Center in previous Global Builders trips throughout the world.

As the Fuller Center in Cluj partners with local non profit PRIMA DATA ACASA, wall frames used on the construction site had already been assembled during the summer by local teams. Worth noting is the contribution of ALSTOM, a global provider of green mobility solutions, who sent 10 teams of employees for a day of volunteering & teambuilding in Jucu de Sus.

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